Industrial projects

For each project listed here, the following information is given: development duration, company name, project name and a brief project description.

2011-PresentSchool of Electrical Engineering, Serbian Ministry of Science
System for sales tax control
Development of hardware, software and telecommunicational infrastructure for sales tax control system.
2008-2012Serbian Object Laboratories, BMMSoft
BMMSoft EDMT server
Development of a high performance and scalable system for massive loading and high-performance-querying of structured and unstructured data (e-mails, files, transactions). The system consists of a (JSP) web application and concurrent background processes responsible for data loading. Worked as co-architect and developer of the system. Tested and analyzed performance and scalability of the system. This was the first certificated system in the world that could provide loading of 1PB (petabyte) structured and unstructured data into a standard relational SQL database and thus won the Guinness record. Implemented in Java.
2010Serbian Object Laboratories, BMMSoft
"Sybase 365" project (ETL servers for SMS messages)
Co-architect and developer of a high-performance, parallel, scalable and robust ETL system for transformation and massive loading of structured sms metadata into Sybase IQ warehouse that provides high-performance-querying. Sybase 365 is the global leader in mobile messaging and mobile commerce services. Implemented in Java.
2010Serbian Object Laboratories, Siemens
Real estate cadastre information system of Serbia
Development of Real Estate Cadastre Information System of Serbia (a large enterprise and e-government system). Design and implementation of an ETL subsystem that provides high-performance, scalable and robust data migration and transformation from a staging Oracle database (where data from cadastrial municipalities are collected), to an Oracle database used by the SOLoist web-based real estate cadastre application. Implemented in Java.
2009-2010Serbian Object Laboratories
SOLoist development framework,
Development of the framework for model driven development based on Executable UML. Especially responsible for ORM mapping, caching and efficient and scalable data access. SOLoist is described in the book "Model Driven Development with Executable UML", by prof. Dragan Milicev. Implemented in Java.
2009Serbian Object Laboratories
Event Managment System, EvMaS
Development of a universal system for registration and accreditation of participants of varios events. (i.e. sport competition, universiade, congress). The system was developed using SOLoist technology. Implemented in Java.