Work experience

2010-PresentSchool of Electrical Engineering
Teaching and research assistant at Department of Computer Science and Engineering.
Teaching the following courses:
  • Programming in C
  • Object-oriented Desing and Programming (C++, Java, UML, design patterns)
  • E-business Infrastructure
  • Compilers Construction Principles
  • Computer Systems Performances
Brief job description: PhD research work, teaching and intensive work and communication with people.
2008-2010Serbian Object Laboratories d.o.o
Software developer in company Serbian Object Laboratories in Belgrade. Participated in several industrial projects. Worked on development of a tool for model-driven development called SOLoist.
Gained experience in development of plugins for StarUML and Microsoft Office Outlook.
Gained experience in model-driven development of large-scale object-oriented information systems with executable UML.
Brief job description: Java and .NET development, software desing and correspondence work with clients.
2007Higher Technological Institute of Tantoyuca, Veracruz, Mexico
Professional practice in Mexico at Technological Institute of Tantoyuca, Veracruz. Worked on design and implementation of an intelligent software system for tracking working hours according to timetables of employees at the institute.
2006Computer Centre of University of Belgrade
Professional practice at Computer Centre of University of Belgrade as a member of a Microsoft-learn group. Gained experience and professional knowledge in domain of Information systems development using .NET platform. Attended SQL Server 2005 course (2073).
2005Serbian Object Laboratories
Summer intership in company "Serbian Object Laboratories" d.o.o. in Belgrade.
Advisor: prof. Dragan Milicev
Subject: Model driven development of Object-oriented Information Systems