Data Mining from Social and Knowledge Networks

The ACM SAC 2013 Tutorial Slides

  1. The contents
  2. Intelligent Question Routing Systems (presenter: Furlan)
  3. Automated Personality Classification (presenter: Kartelj)
  4. Probabilistic Graphical Models for Text Mining (presenter: Jelisavcic)
  5. Genetic Search for the Internet (presenter: Draskovic)
  6. Mining from Medical DataBases, ArtTreat FP7 (presenter: Rakocevic)
  7. Imputation for DataMining, ArtTreat FP7 (presenter: Mihajlovic)
  8. Algorithms for DataMining in WSNs, ProSense FP7 (presenter: Rakocevic)
  9. Google-Enhanced Algorithms for Datamining in WSNs, ProSense FP7 (presenter: Babovic)
  10. Mindgenomics (presenter: Komlenac)
  11. NeuroEconomy (presenter: Filipovic)
  12. DARPA (presenter: Tomic)
  13. Maxeler (presenter: Milutinovic)