Tivat House Rules:

O kuci brine komsija Ivica Paskovic,
i treba imati u vidu sledece:

1. On arrival, passangers and luggage go off at street,
and the driver ALONE puts the car into the drive-in,
nose towards the house, and then he uses the paved path
at the driver side, to get to the house
(there is no such path on the other side,
so the passangers, if exiting from the drive-in,
would have to walk over the grass,
which would destroy it,
or over the mud, if rainy,
which destroys booths.

2. The same as above holds when returning from shopping
(load and passangers get offloaded at the street).

3. When going to the beach,
at the garden gate,
put the quazi-chain back to its locked-like position,
and at the beach door,
close it.

4. The beach stuff sleeps under the terrace
leading to the beach.

5. The garden light ON-OFF switches are in the lower appartment:
  a. In-line lights, on the wall across the bathroom (automatic).
  b. Beach-path light at the beach entrance, next to above.
  c. Mediterranean map light, in the kithchen.
  d. Breast vases light, in the dining room.
All lights, including the two small house lights,
must be on at night (unless specified otherwise).

6. The garbage must sleep outside the house.

7. Any damage must be reported,
  so the owner knows.
  The owner will NOT ask for repair of damage;
  he just needs to know,
  so he is freed of frustration,
  which comes when he tries to do something,
  and that does not work,
  because of the unreported damage.

8. The upper appartment water-pump is in the lower appartment.
  Sometimes the toalet flush system blocks,
  and the flushing water leaks forever,
  which is oftentimes fixed in a trivial way:
  by pushing the mechanism up,
  using a tool prepared for that
  (hanging next to the toalet flushing mechanism).

9. Guest are expected to bring their own linnen.
  The blankets are in the master bedroom,
  up on the closet-shelf.
  When eating, please use ceramics/glass,
  not plastic plates/bags.

10. Before departure,
  all small items must be at he place
  at which they were found at entry upon arrival.
  Guest are expected to do "male-cleanining,"
  and for "female cleaning,"
  a cleaning lady can be called,
  at the number to be obtained by SMS
  (the cleaning lady operates on a 48-hour advanced notice).