Prof. Veljko Milutinovic (1951) received his PhD from the University of
Belgrade in Serbia, spent about a decade on various faculty positions in the
USA (mostly at Purdue University and more recently at the University of Indiana
in Bloomington), and was a co-designer of the DARPAs pioneering GaAs RISC
microprocessor on 200MHz (about a decade before the first commercial effort on
that same speed) and was a co-designer also of the related GaAs Systolic Array
(with 4096 GaAs microprocessors). Later, for almost three decades, he taught
and conducted research at the University of Belgrade in Serbia, for departments
of EE, MATH, BA, and PHYS/CHEM. His research is mostly in datamining algorithms
and dataflow computing, with the emphasis on mapping of data analytics
algorithms onto fast energy efficient architectures. Most of his research was
done in cooperation with industry (Intel, Fairchild, Honeywell, Maxeler, HP,
IBM, NCR, RCA, etc... ). For 10 of his books, forewords were written by 10
different Nobel Laureates with whom he cooperated on his past industry
sponsored projects. He published 40 books (mostly in the USA), he has over 100
papers in SCI journals (mostly in IEEE and ACM journals), and he presented
invited talks at over 400 destinations worldwide. He has well over 1000
Thomson-Reuters WoS citations, well over 1000 Elsevier SCOPUS citations, and
about 4000 Google Scholar citations. His Google Scholar h index is equal to 30.
He is a Life Fellow of the IEEE since 2003 and a Member of The Academy of
Europe since 2011. He is a member of the Serbian National Academy of
Engineering and a Foreign Member of the Montenegro National Academy of Sciences
and Arts.