Why 18 mechanisms?

Shanghai assigns points for 6 domains,
and in each one of the 6 domains,
people can be motivated with 3 methods:
glory, power, and money.
6 times 3 is 18.

Domain#1: Size

a. Glory:
The university should maintain a portal
from which anyone can see,
for each professor/assistant/student
how many Shanghai points he/she brought
to the university.

b. Power
Enable faster promotion to those who bring more points
(PhD, higher professorship ranks, academy of science).

c. Money
Give some money to those who bring more points.

Domain#2: Papers in Nature and Science

a. Glory
The nation's major newspaper is to write about those
who make such a success (if they agree).

b. Power
Enable faster promotion for authors of Nature and Science papers.

c. Money
Give good money to those who make it.

Domain#3: SCI papers

a. Glory
As above.

b. Power
Request a specific small number of SCI paper for PhD,
and higher number of SCI papers for various professor levels.

c. Money
Give some medium money to authors of each SCI paper.

Domain#4: SCI citations

a. Glory
As above.

b. Power
Request a specific number of SCI citation for professor positions.

c. Money.
Gove small money for each citation.

Domain#5: NLs or MFMs among teachers
         At the university level,
         create a course that can be taught
         only by an NL or an MFM (see definition below).

a. Glory
Write about such a course and announce who brought the NL/MFM.

b. Power
Give special powers to those who brought the NL/MFM.

c. Money
Award those who brought NL/MFM.

Domain#6: NLs/MFMs among alumni
         Nominate your best alumni!

a/b/c. Give them recognition using all three methods above.


NL = Nobel Laureate
MFM = Major Field Medal