{x} = the text to be filled in during the paper writing process



{a sentence per section, to be written at the very end of the process}

1. Introduction

{general field}
{specific field}
{viewpoint or goal}

2. Problem statement

{problem definition}
{why is the problem important}
{why will the importance of the problem grow over time}

3. Existing solutions and their criticism,
  from the view point or goal defined in the introduction

{a classification of existing solutions}
{a list of existing solutions}
{a criticism of the solution considered the best}

4. The proposed solution (the hypothesis) and its essence,
  and why is it expected
  to include no drawbacks of the existing solutions.

{description of the proposed solution}
{selected details}

5. Some indication that the proposed solution is better,
compared to the best one from the open literature:

{analytics and/or}
{fine-grain simulation and/or}
{fine-grain design or implementation}.

6. Detailed description of the methodology used


7. Implications


8. Conclusions

{what was done and to whom will it be of benefit}
{newly open problems for future research}
{a perl of wisdom to remember}

9. Acknowledgements

10. Annotated references