What to write, to be highly referenced?

1. Emerging.
2. Interest not yet generated, but will be.
3. No existing surveys, for a survey paper.
4. No existing solution, for a researchh paper.

How to select the title, for successful survey paper?

1. Modern
2. Emerging
3. No existing surveys
4. Topic loved by the major author
5. Major author experienced in the field
6. The number of cases, neither too large, nor too small;
  this is achieved by introducing the x and y dimension,
  for narrowing!
7. Doable

Who to reference?

1. Those who deserve
2. Potential reviewers
3. Gold and silver friends
4. NonSCI journals in whhich you published in the past.

How to stress the essence of the contrribution?

1. In the title, a nicely sounding mnemonic
  which associates on the essence
  (not only a nicely sounding one).

2. Title, which associates on the essence.

3. Moto, a latin proverb, in latin,
  and translated two times: Literally and explanationally.

4. Abstract, with one sentence per paper section.

5. Introduction, from the viewpoint and expectation standing.

6. Body of the paper.

7. Conclusion, from the benefit-point and stand-point.

What are the contributions of a SURVEY paper?

1. Classification
2. Systematic presentation to make the comparisson easier
3. Conclusion with elements of datamining and future prediction
  (ideally, to have a whole in the classfication,
  and to emulate Mendelyeyev)
4. Posthumno uzdizanje bivsih rezultata autora.

What are the contributions of a SBC paper?

1. All above plus a sumulator based comparison,
  under identical conditions.
2. Numerics.
3. Conclusion with an indication how one can do it better.
4. Priprema infrastrukturue za buduci research paper.

What are the differences of 4 paper types?

1. Survey
2. SBC (simulation-based comparison)
3. Position
4. Research