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Milutinovic, M.,
Literature Review of Water Demand
IPSI Transactions on Advanced Research, Januar 2007
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Omerovic, S., Tomazic, S., Milutinovic, M., Milutinovic, V., A Methodology for Written and Oral Presentation of Research Results,
Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice, ASCE, USA, Vol. 135, Issue 3/4, July 2009.
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Milutinovic, M., Murtaugh, K., Eltahir, E.,
A Proposal for Water Pricing in Kuwait,
Proceedings of the MIT annual group meeting HEE, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
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Milutinovic, V., Milutinovic, M., at al.,
Issues in e-Business on the Internet,
Proceedings of the IPSI-2005 ITALY, L'Aquila, Italy, August 2005.
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