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Professor Milutinovic is a Fellow of the IEEE, 2003.

Professor Milutinovic is known as the co-architect/co-designer
of the World's first 200MHz microprocessor, for DARPA, back in 80s,
a decade before Intel. In 90s he was responsible for the silicon-compiler
based design of a clone of Intel i860 (the first 64-bit microprocessor),
done for a Japanese customer, for the I/O pump of Encore/Compaq (which
was advertized as the fastest on the Planet), and for the studies leading
to the e-business oriented multiprocessor workstation of NCR. More recently
he is active in infrastructure for e-business on the Internet, and was
responsible for a number of prototype designs leading to successful market
products, including but not limited to: Genetic search based on the 
principles of spatial/temporal/semantic mutation, Customer satisfaction
based accelerators for e-commerce, semantic web based gallery for 3D presentation
of 2D objects, data mining based inverse engineering of a G-Force graphics card,
and Socratenon system for e-education on the Internet. All these projects are
precisely described in the open literature, in about 50 IEEE journal papers,
plus in about 50 papers in other journals or book chapters, and in numerous
conference publications. These papers are widely referenced in the open literature,
and in the SCI (over 300).

Professor Milutinovic has been consulting for a number of high-tech 
companies like Intel, IBM, GE, AT+T, NCR, Honeywell, Fairchild, RCA, Unisys, 
etc. He was on the 5-person SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) of 
CreativeTechnologies in Boston, Massachusetts (2 out of 5 are Nobel
Laureates, Jerry Friedman of MIT, and Bob Richardson of Cornell),
on the 5-person SAB of BioPop in Charlotte, North Carolina
(whcih is one of the fastest growing companies in Q3 of 2001),
and on the SAB of BCW in San Jose, California (a consulting company in

Professor Milutinovic presented over 300 invited talks at all major 
universities in the World (MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, ...),
in both computer engineering and business administration (Dartmouth, ...),
on all 5 continents.

He taught regular grad courses at various universities in the World,
in 7 different languages (English, German, Serbian, Russian, Polish, 
Spanish, and Italian), and gave short invited lectures in 3 more 
(French, Check, and Swedish).

Professor Milutinovic published over 20 books with major USA publishers:
Prentice-Hall, Wiley, Kluwer, North-Holland, McGraw-Hill, IEEE CS Press,
ACM Press, etc. One of them was the best seller of all times for its
publisher (IEEE CS PRESS), and for seven of them Forewords were written
by Nobel Laureates (Bob Wilson, Leon Cooper, Robert Richardson, Jerry Friedman, 
Herb Simon, Harry Kroto and Arno Penzias).

Professor Milutinovic was born on May 4, 1951, and all his formal education,
including the Ph.D. (1982) are from the Universioty of Belgrade, Serbia.
From 1982 till 1990 he was on the faculty of Purdue University (number 5
in computer engineering, in the USA). Starting with 1990 he is on the faculty 
of the University of Belgrade, where he teaches courses in  
infrastructure for e-business on the Internet, Data Mining and Semantic Web, 
microprocessing, and VLSI. His courses combine the expertise in system,
software, and business administration.

He holds a silver and a bronze medal from the National Championship of Montengro 
in sailing (class 470) and has taken part in the national amateur competitions 
of Serbia in long distance horsebackriding and rollerblading.