General Citations (12.31.99.): After the total number of citations reached 300, we have given up the tracking.

SCI citations: over 100 (excluding self-citations);
Citations at international conferences: over 100;
Citations in English language books: over 100

Textbook Citations:

Note: This list includes all textbooks included into the Stanford University Library Index in Fall 1999 (only the textbooks published on or after 1990, and before 1999), which include the term Computer Architecture in their title (or subtitles), and cover the general field of computer architecture.

Position X—position of VM in the ranking of referenced authors (s = shared position);
Y citations—number of VM citations in the textbook (na = not applicable).

Flynn, M. J., Computer Architecture, Jones and Bartlett, USA (96)
position 1 (12 citations)

Gupta, A., Advanced Microprocessors, IEEE Computer Society Press, USA (90)
position 1 (3 citations)

Bartee, T. C., Computer Architecture and Logic Design, McGraw-Hill, USA (91)
position 1 (2 citations)

Tabak, D., RISC Systems (RISC Processor Architecture), Wiley, USA (91)
position 1s (6 citations)

Stallings, W., Reduced Instruction Set Computers (RISC Architecture), IEEE CS Press, Los Alamitos, California, USA (90)
position 1s (3 citations)

Heudin, J. C., Panetto, C., RISC Architectures, Chapman-Hall, London, England (92)
position 3s (2 citations)

van de Goor, A. J., Computer Architecture and Design, Addison Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, USA (2nd printing, 91)
position 4s (3 citations)

Wilkinson, B., Computer Architecture (2nd edition), Prentice-Hall, USA (91)
position 4s (3 citations)

Tannenbaum, A., Structured Computer Organization (Advanced Computer Architecures), Prentice-Hall, USA (90)
position 5s (4 citations)

Feldman, J. M., Retter, C. T., Computer Architecture, McGraw-Hill, USA (94)
position 7s (2 citations)

Sima, D., Fountain T., Kacsuk, P., Advanced Computer Architecture - A Design Space Approach, Addion Wesley, USA (97)
position 8s (2 citations)

Stallings, W., Computer Organization and Architecture, Prentice-Hall, USA (96)
position 9s (3 citations)

Murray, W., Computer and Digital System Architecture, Prentice-Hall, USA (90)
position >10s (2 citations)

Decegama, A., The Technology of Parallel Processing (Parallel Processing Architectures), Prentice-Hall, USA (90)
position >10s (2 citations)

Baron, R. J., Higbie, L., Computer Architecture, Addison-Wesley, USA (92)
position >10s (1 citation)

Tabak, D., Advanced Microprocessors (Microcomputer Architecture), McGraw-Hill, USA (95)
position >10s (1 citation)

Zargham, M. R., Computer Architecture, Prentice-Hall, USA (96)
position >10s (1 citation)

Stallings, W., Computer Design, Prentice-Hall, USA (97, 2000)
position >10s (1 citation)

Hennessy, J. L., Patterson, D. A., Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, Morgan-Kaufmann, USA (96)
na (0 citations)

Hwang, K., Advanced Computer Architecture, McGraw-Hill, USA (93)
na (0 citations)

Kain, K., Advanced Computer Architecture, Prentice-Hall, USA (96)
na (0 citations)

Shiva, S., Pipelined and Parallel Computer Architectures, Harper Collins, USA (96)
na (0 citations)

Heuring, V., Jordan, H., Computer Systems Design and Architecture, Addison Wesley Longman, USA (97)
na (0 citations)

Karalis,R., Digital Design Principles and Computer Architecture, Prentice-Hall, (97)
na (0 citations)

Baron, R. J., Higbie, L., Computer Architecture, Addison Wesley , (92)
na (0 citations)

Mano, M., Computer Systems Architecture, 3rd Ed., Prentice-Hall, (93)
na (0 citations)

Hayes, J.P., Computer Architecture and Organization, 3rd Ed., McGraw-Hill, (98)
na (0 citations)

Heuring, V.P., Jordan, H.F., Computer Systems Design and Architecture, Addison Wesley, (97)
na (0 citations)

Culler, D., Singh, J.P., Gupta, A., Parallel Computer Architecture, MK, (99)
na (0 citations)

Blaauw, G.A., brooks, F.P.Jr., Computer Architecture Concepts and Evolution, Addison Wesley, (97)
na (0 citations)

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